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Sealed quotations are invited by the principal from the reputed vendors FOR INSTALLATION OF LIFT in the Science  building as per following specification within 7 days. For site visit  vendors are directed to contact college office.

Sl. Product Type Passenger lift
1  Capacity to lift 7-8 Passengers
2 Speed 0.65 m/sec.
3 Travel Height Ground to 3rds   floor. G+3
4 Floor Rise about 21m approx
4 Stops 4 stops
5 Control ACVVVF Micro Processor Controlled
6 Operation Automatic
7 Power supply required 415 volts, 3 phase hertz alternating current.
8 Light Supply 220V, 1 phase, 50 c/s, 2 core (SPN) cable, A C
9 Traction Machine Geared (Sharp)
10 Auxiliary  220V Single Phase
11 Cabin finish Stainless steel(Glass) Cabin
12 Cabin Door Auto door
13 Landing doors Auto door
14 Drive  VVVF drive (Fuji)
15 False Ceiling  YES
16 Safeties Phase failure, over load, terminal limit ,over speed, reverse phase protection
17 Car Size (Inside) AS per drawing
18 Shaft size AS per available shaft
19 Required Hoist way AS per available shaft
20 Main Hoist Rope 13mm x 3 ropes USHA MARTIN
21 COP/LOP Square
22 Cable Mescab
23 ARD (Power Backup)
24 Break Heavy duty electromagnetic.
25. Weight 576 kgs